Past Webinars

Past Webinars

Developing Leadership Brand

Developing a leadership brand involves intentionally cultivating and communicating a distinct and authentic leadership identity. It's about establishing a consistent set of qualities, values, and characteristics that define your leadership style and reputation. Here are steps to help you develop your leadership brand taken from the video

Value-Based Leadership Oct Webinar

Value-based leadership is a leadership approach that places a strong emphasis on a set of core values and principles. Leaders who adhere to this style prioritize ethical and moral standards, and they aim to integrate these values into the culture and decision-making processes of the organization. Here are some key aspects of value-based leadership, taken from the video.

21 Century Leadership Webinar

21st-century leadership encompasses a set of skills and qualities that are particularly relevant in the contemporary, fast-paced, and dynamic business and social landscape. Here are some key aspects of leadership in the 21st century. Take time to listen to the video to get more knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, studies done by BHILI has shown three critical challenges that graduates are facing (a) Strategic and critical thinking, (b) Being able to produce results at work place and (c) Inability of graduate to add value when employed. So BHILI is positioned to provide knowledge and skills to enable graduate to strategically think, produce results and add value to their employment or work.

BHILI leadership program differs from contemporary leaders in that this High Impact Leadership builds the very person to lead himself before leading others. BHILI believes that every person is a leader and so considers the first level of leadership as microlevel (personal), and the second level of leadership is meso level ( group) level of leadership. The third level of leadership is the Macro level (System/organizational) level of leadership.

TO join the course at BHILI, you need to go on home page and click join BHILI. It will prompt you to register. Once that is done, you will register for a specific course, asked to pay and then you will attend the course

BHILI will offer three courses namely Strategic and Critical thinking, (b) Result Based Management and (c) Value addition. These three course will lead to Postgraduate Diploma in High Impact Leadership. This is to say that entry qualification to BHILI is graduate level.

Not at all. The entire course takes nine months, each module takes three months, two months course work and competence building and one month practice and mentoring. You can study one module and carry your credit forward. So to be conferred a BHILI Post graduate Diploma in High Impact Leadership, you need to complete three modules.

BHILI has very experienced tutors and use world class experienced tutors to add value to learners. Currently tutors are (a) Peter Bujari (MD) a medical doctor, Public Health and business administrator. He brings 20 years of hands on management role nationally and internationally. Dr. Bujari is currently a chair of Action Africa (, chair of Independent Advisory Board of Civil Society Coordinating Group of Global Financing Facility of the World Bank, Chair person and Founder of Tanzania Stop TB Partnership and Founder and Executive Director of Health Promotion Tanzania ( You can learn more about Dr. Bujari here Phares Mujinja is a professor in health economics, strategic management and public health at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. He has supervised more that 70 master’s students and 8 PhDs in different Public health, health economics, Health financing, strategic management and other related management. He brings more than 35 years hands on experience in teaching, management, coaching Zablon Mutonngu is a doctorate at St. Paul University he has top-level leadership and management skills, served as Director of an Institute of Lifelong Learning & Leadership Development Centre, Director of University Enterprise Unit and finally becoming Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration. He holds a PhD in Organizational Development. His greatest strength is strategic design, planning and implementation of strategies, projects management and developing leadership capabilities and abilities

Yes please. BHILI run monthly free webinars that are accessible all over he world. Only registration is required to participate in the webinar. Recorded webinar are also available online and can be accessed at media center.

Not at all. BHILI envisage to a centerpiece of High Impact Leadership across the continent of Africa. As of 2024, courses are still limited to English and so Anglophone countries can best benefit. In future courses will be available in French and Spanish. So learners are welcome from all of Africa and beyond.